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The changes that have taken place over last 250 years have transformed
the lives of people in a way that has never taken place before.




Five points that speed up your business.

How will you cope in a digital world in which SPEED has no limits?
Will your business harness its immense power or be left standing?

In this technological tour de force, author reveals the common characteristics of all industrial revolutions and how we can use this knowledge to prepare for the future. He also explains how it will be very different this time around and equips you with only tools you will need to cross the chasm to the fourth business epoch:

  • Security
  • Partnership
  • Emerging technologies
  • Economy
  • Digital transformation

The book is backed up with insightful guest contributions from senior executives from Google, Cisco Systems, Apple, IBM, EY, the European Commission, NATO, Tribal Planet and Harvard.

Do not enter the world of SPEED without first reading this book.

Security means avoiding hazards, reacting appropriately to them and acting efficiently when they occur. It is a sense of liberation from them. It is a state of affairs when you are sure that there is nothing stopping you from acting freely. You could even say that it is a kind of strategy to ensure long-term survival.

Safety concerns occur on many planes, because the threats bear many faces. We talk about it in relation to our lives, health, material goods or money. We identify risk with specific places or behaviors. We talk about security in relation to the community or the state. Today, we hear more and more about technological security or cybersecurity. But can we fully understand and preserve our safety? Is this at all possible in the digital era?




The digital world is just as full of opportunities as threats. Perhaps you are stuck in the belief that you are surrounded almost exclusively by your competitors. Competitors you have to race against. But the truth is that there are many more potential business partners around you. And it is precisely by entering into an alliance with them that you will be able to truly accelerate.

In the fourth industrial revolution, solutions not so much in the form of physical devices but as cyber solutions have entered the markets. The market struggle has therefore moved from the real world to the digital world, from showrooms to platforms, marketplace and applications.

Partnership can be the spark that triggers an explosion of progress. First of all, however, it is necessary to identify the needs and meet people who have the skills and competencies you lack.




There is an element without which you will achieve absolutely nothing in the fourth industrial revolution. It is technology. If data in the new reality is the fuel, then modern technologies are a real turbocharged engine. Your vehicle or your business, thanks to new IT and information and communications technologies (ICT), will accelerate with the dynamics of an explosion. They will enable you to create a product of the future, a groundbreaking service that markets around the world are waiting for.

New technologies will allow you to quickly move to areas that you could previously only read about. And I want you to stop being an observer in the technological race. I want you to become a participant, to take part in the race and gain a satisfactory position. Don’t wait for a sign or good advice – reach for the developing technologies today!




The economic changes in the fourth industrial revolution can be reduced to the fact that in previous eras the economy was based on risk estimation and market perception. Today, it is based on data from measurements and then processed in real time to make decisions – often by a machine.

Your business can move from guesswork to certainty.

It introduces new business models that allow you to make profits. There are some that you knew before, but you might not have known that they have their counterparts in the digital world. But there are others that have not yet been, because they can only be shaped through the use of emerging technologies.




Digital transformation is knowledge-based. Information is a key resource. It changes technologies and management models in companies. Digital transformation integrates business processes. In the past, companies could function with different procedures and even different IT systems in different areas. Today, this is becoming impossible. The digital strategy will only succeed if the coherence of the internal solutions on which the exchange of information and data is based is ensured.

Digital transformation enables the creation of a new type of organization which is capable of significantly outperforming their competitors with their performance. Thanks to new technologies and data processing methods, they can resign from operating models based on the use of physical resources. Manufacturing capacity is transferred to the digital dimension.







Dr. Aleksander Poniewierski

Dr. Aleksander Poniewierski is the Global Digital and Emerging Technologies Leader at one of the largest international professional services organisation.His focus is on the development of strategy, design, implementation, process optimisation, business model innovation, security and protection for global clients.Aleksander has a deep understanding of the evolving technology sector and knows how to help companies use it to improve their operations and the world around them.

Aleksander is recognised by IoT World as IoT World Leader of the Year 2020.

Aleksander is a renowned keynote speaker at international conferences and visiting professor on leading universities around the globe. He graduated with a master’s degree in Information Technology, from Upper Silesian University and received his Ph.D. in Economics from Poznan University of Economics.

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This great book allows us to understand some rationale and mechanisms behind the digital revolution taking place, and it forces the reader to reflect on the digital reality around us. At the same time, numerous examples illustrating the concepts presented in this book show the world around us from an utterly new and frighteningly-digital perspective.

Your unawareness of technological opportunities might inhibit your creativity. This book is a very good „one stop shop” on-boarding to existing and emerging trends that will define coming decade in business and digital technologies. If you have been running a successful business and you finally realize that continuity can not be your strategy – read this book. If you heard the concepts but you can’t really explain it well – read it. SPEED’s author well explains key concepts and digital technologies in approachable, actionable way. Concepts are well illustrated with stories of special guests (incl. Cisco, Google)

A great and engaging read. I recommend it to anyone interested in the strategic impact of technologies in the digital age. How the digital transformation is helping businesses to grow exponentially and what are the cornerstones of the large-scale technology transformation that help to achieve it. It also dives in how enterprises handle organizational change, which is most times slow, and how it can cope with the ultra-fast developments in tech.

I was delighted by the book, it is written in an understandable language, very interesting, a bit scary (when talking about risk) but truly convincing. It covers many dimensions from home to business, strategy and execution, HR, not only IT funcion. It even offers insights about new generations of young people. This book is a must for anybody in business, education, healthcare, defence, infrastructure, as a matter of fact everybody. 

If you are looking for a fascinating story which incorporates meaty know-how and advice, this is it. It tells you:
– how to speed up your business in practical terms.
– how to identify key components of your potential growth.
– what questions to ask to experts in order to win.
– how to master and incorporate IoT, Crowdsourcing among others
Aleksander has a gift of explaining the most complex technical data in a clear and understandable way.
Don’t wait. Use Speed to accelerate your career and your business.

I was thinking that I am in the center of a hurricane named digital transformation and nothing would surprise me. The SPEED showed me how I was wrong.
I couldn’t wait for a printed book, so I decided the first time to listen to another book than a triller or mister. Mike Luoma who narrates is so energetic that listening to the SPEED is an unremarkable experience.
The author gives in the book many examples and explains the mechanics of a digital revolution.
Thanks to Aleksander Poniewierski, I understand better my job and with new power, I can help my clients in changing their business processes from caterpillars to butterflies.

As an enthusiast of technological futurology I am not surprised that for all intents and purposes the not-that-long fabled technological singularity is here.
However, I’m surprised and delighted that there’s a manual how to apply it to business already! Plus, Speed with No Limits in the Digital Era is a catchier way to describe the situation where technology-driven change happens faster than people can keep up.
Listening to the book let me appreciate the possibilities of emerging technologies transforming the world in exciting ways very soon, leaving no excuse to stay offboard!

This book simplifies complex concepts in a very easy to listen to and entertaining manner. I will absolutely be using the anecdotes in my business and daily life. I highly recommend!











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