How to get your business into the fast lane and leave your competitors behind

[…] if you want to achieve any of your life goals, you have to take part in it. If you dream of success in business, sport or science, you have to join the technology race. Only by following this path will you get the tools that will help you reach your goal. And, you’ll get there at a dizzying speed […]

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution. A digital age of connectivity, digital services, a world in which material goods are losing their importance. Welcome to the era of prediction of events and autonomous vehicles. Welcome to a world where you earn from knowledge and certainty rather than guessing and estimating risks. Welcome to the world of SPEED.


Security means avoiding hazards, reacting appropriately to them and acting efficiently when they occur. It is a sense of liberation from them. It is a state of affairs when you are sure that there is nothing stopping you from acting freely. You could even say that it is a kind of strategy to ensure long-term survival.

Safety concerns occur on many planes, because the threats bear many faces. We talk about it in relation to our lives, health, material goods or money.  We identify risk with specific places or behaviors. We talk about security in relation to the community or the state. Today, we hear more and more about technological security or cybersecurity. But can we fully understand and preserve our safety? Is this at all possible in the digital era?  


The digital world is just as full of opportunities as threats. Perhaps you are stuck in the belief that you are surrounded almost exclusively by your competitors. Competitors you have to race against. But the truth is that there are many more potential business partners around you. And it is precisely by entering into an alliance with them that you will be able to truly accelerate.

In the fourth industrial revolution, solutions not so much in the form of physical devices but as cyber solutions have entered the markets. The market struggle has therefore moved from the real world to the digital world, from showrooms to platforms, marketplace and applications. 

Partnership can be the spark that triggers an explosion of progress. First of all, however, it is necessary to identify the needs and meet people who have the skills and competencies you lack.

Emerging technologies

There is an element without which you will achieve absolutely nothing in the fourth industrial revolution. It is technology. If data in the new reality is the fuel, then modern technologies are a real turbocharged engine. Your vehicle or your business, thanks to new IT and information and communications technologies (ICT), will accelerate with the dynamics of an explosion. They will enable you to create a product of the future, a groundbreaking service that markets around the world are waiting for.

New technologies will allow you to quickly move to areas that you could previously only read about. And I want you to stop being an observer in the technological race. I want you to become a participant, to take part in the race and gain a satisfactory position. Don’t wait for a sign or good advice – reach for the developing technologies today!


The economic changes in the fourth industrial revolution can be reduced to the fact that in previous eras the economy was based on risk estimation and market perception. Today, it is based on data from measurements and then processed in real time to make decisions – often by a machine.

Your business can move from guesswork to certainty.

It introduces new business models that allow you to make profits. There are some that you knew before, but you might not have known that they have their counterparts in the digital world. But there are others that have not yet been, because they can only be shaped through the use of emerging technologies.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is knowledge-based. Information is a key resource. It changes technologies and management models in companies. Digital transformation integrates business processes. In the past, companies could function with different procedures and even different IT systems in different areas. Today, this is becoming impossible. The digital strategy will only succeed if the coherence of the internal solutions on which the exchange of information and data is based is ensured.  

Digital transformation enables the creation of a new type of organization which is capable of significantly outperforming their competitors with their performance. Thanks to new technologies and data processing methods, they can resign from operating models based on the use of physical resources. Manufacturing capacity is transferred to the digital dimension. 


SPEED no limits in the digital era

by Aleksander Poniewierski

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