The book

SPEED no limits in the digital era

by Aleksander Poniewierski



The only limitation is the one that your mind imposes on you.

[…]  Everything is possible.

– Joe Vitale

The World of SPEED

Get your business into the fast lane and leave your competitors behind

The changes that have taken place over the last 250 years have transformed the lives of people in a way that has never taken place before. This period is the only one to change absolutely everything: our work, our lives, relationships with others, our behaviors, and the speed at which we learn, changing our outlook on the world and ourselves.

Almost every innovation has driven the acceleration of the development of the most important areas of life. Subsequent inventions came into being through combination with other inventions. Thanks to such coupling, each subsequent stage of development was faster than the previous one and meant that the next one would be even faster.

I call this the SPEED phenomenon. It has its beginning, but it has no end.

How will you cope in a digital world in which SPEED has no limits? Will your business harness its immense power or be left standing?

Globally recognized modern technology thought-leader Dr. Aleksander Poniewierski has been advising and transforming the world’s leading companies for over 20 years. 

In this technological tour de force, he reveals the common characteristics of all industrial revolutions and how we can use this knowledge to prepare for the future. 

He also explains how it will be very different this time around and equips you with only tools you will need to cross the chasm to the fourth business epoch:

Emerging technologies
Digital transformation 

The book is backed up with insightful guest contributions from senior executives from Google, Cisco Systems, Apple, IBM, EY, the European Commission, NATO, Tribal Planet and Harvard.

Your business has abundant opportunities in the digital age but only by leveraging the Big Four (IoT, mobility, AI and cloud), transforming your business model and protecting yourself with a digital fuse, will you gain access.

Do not enter the world of SPEED without first reading this book.

Now, fasten your seat belt and prepare for a very fast ride.


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