For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

– Sun Tzu

Security is more important in the digital than quick profits and rapid progress. Without due care and diligence, it is impossible to develop. If you forget to drive safely, sooner or later one of the corners will turn out to be too sharp and a crash awaits you. And this will mean the end of the adventure, also when it comes to earning money. Remember: security is the foundation of today’s business. It is the king!


Cybersecurity is one of my most important professional specialties. When I mentioned my professional experience at the beginning of this book, I was talking about years of work in the development of IT fields related to increasing data security, and the dialogue between people and within organizations. And precisely because this topic is particularly close to me, I would like to familiarize you with it. It is of great importance for the sound and fast development of business in today’s world.


Safety is costly because of elements not directly related to the production of goods, such as safety consulting, inspections and creating a safe working environment. As the world moves toward optimization and digitization, the same applies to safety through the automation of the reporting and security processes. To ensure security today, effectively evaluate risk and skillfully build safety, including priorities derived from standards and regulations, a new approach to new risk management is needed. Today it has become a separate domain. In the conventional technology of the third industrial revolution, risk management was slow. Technological changes and impositions of these changes in industrial facilities took place at a rate unobstructed by external factors. Today, the term trust comes into the industry. Not only in the layer of trust in the quality of the product or the process of its production, but also the trust in the data on which the product is created.


Security point of view by Uwe Michael Mueller


I usually differentiate between safety and security. Safety concerns protecting yourself or others as a person or as integral components of something that is physical or logical, in terms of whatever could happen regarding harmful accidents or disasters like natural events. Whereas security concerns two aspects: physical security (of installations, infrastructure, etc.), and secondly, logical security, which is nowadays mostly referred to as cybersecurity. 

Privacy point of view by Wojciech Wiewiórowski


There is a lot of concern these days about our data security and privacy and while this may be justified, the concept of privacy is far from being universal and varies significantly between countries and cultures. For example, Japanese has no comparable word, nor is there a direct equivalent in German. In strongly, group-oriented societies, such as China, rather than being seen as a basic human right, the desire for privacy can be perceived as selfish. 



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