“Adjust your seat. Check your mirrors. Fasten your safety belt. What for? Because it’s going to be a fast ride. Very fast. We’ll drive at a speed you’ve never experienced. Never even imagined”. This is what the first words of the book “SPEED no limits in the digital era” sound like. The Book, which author, Aleksander Poniewierski, invites to a journey to the world of technology and shows how to use their business potential. It is available on Amazon. The beginning of sales was impressive. In the first week „SPEED” jumps into the high positions of bestsellers in technological categories.


The development is galloping at a crazy pace. Today, we can only run forward. Everyone has a chance but must adapt or die. The book “SPEED no limits in the digital era” has been written to make your adventure in the world of technology and business fruitful and rewarding. For this to happen, you need to realize how fast changes are taking place around you. If you master the basics of doing business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, not only will you create a growing business, but you will have the opportunity to become an innovator who perfectly recognizes the needs of consumers of the digital generation.


– I am going to take you on a journey into the world of technology and business. To a world where everything happens very quickly. So fast that you won’t even notice inventions appearing, and the next day, it will be as if you have always used them. So fast that before you think about what you need, you’ll find it at hand. So fast that what yesterday seemed impossible, tomorrow will become very real – says Aleksander Poniewierski.


How to understand SPEED?


The key to understanding the modern world, modern business and industry is SPEED. It is not a spell, but a fact. Acceleration has taken place in all the business areas: data generation, communication, storage, retrieval, processing and presentation. Data changes the possibilities of all processes, thanks to which, new solutions are created and quickly delivered to users. This is the case in every business segment: production, distribution, trade and services. 


The book is titled SPEED because the author wanted you to know that apart from a synonym for quickness, it is an acronym for the most important elements of doing business in the future in the fourth industrial revolution. 

pastedGraphic.png is for Security, 

pastedGraphic_1.png is for Partnership,

pastedGraphic_2.png is for Emerging technologies,

pastedGraphic_3.png is for Economy, 

pastedGraphic_4.png is for Digital transformation. 


SPEED will accelerate your business


The book is a story about business, technology and organization. It connects the world of the past with an attempt to predict the future. Describing all phenomena, developments and methods is not easy. 


– Welcome to the new reality. From now on, nothing will be the same. You have crossed over to the other side of the river. Your business will change whether you want it or not. It will change not only because you have read this book, but also because thinking about technologies will accompany you more and more often. From now on, when you analyze products or services, you will no longer see only physical shapes in your imagination. You will create ideas for digital and physical solutions. When you think about improving your offer, you will always consider its opportunities in terms of competition in a data-based economy – says Aleksander Poniewierski.


The changes that have taken place over the last 250 years have transformed the lives of people in a way that has never taken place before. This period is the only one to change absolutely everything: our work, our lives, relationships with others, our behaviors, and the speed at which we learn, changing our outlook on the world and ourselves.


The way in which these changes took place was extremely dynamic. Almost every innovation has driven the acceleration of the development of the most important areas of life. They have increased our effectiveness in activities. Subsequent inventions came into being through combination with other inventions. Like the car and computer. New solutions were better versions of already-known devices. Thanks to such coupling, each subsequent stage of development was faster than the previous one and meant that the next one would be even faster. The author calls this the SPEED phenomenon.


It has its beginning, but it has no end. Today’s technical development began 250 years ago, continues and is unlikely to end. Unless humanity is affected by a catastrophe that is difficult to predict today. However, if nothing like this happens to us, we will continue to develop and grow faster and faster.  


Impressive start


The book is received very enthusiastically. Recognized experts write reviews full of compliments.

„I just read the book “SPEED no limits in the digital era”, by Aleksander Poniewierski. I learned something new on every page. Aleks captures unique insights he gathered from dozens of customer projects in a fun to read format. Definitely worth a read” – said on Twitter Maciej Kranz, one of the pioneers of IoT and digitization, the author of „Building the Internet of Things”.


„There’s no doubt that SPEED is one of the defining attributes of our time, and harnessing it is the ultimate critical path. From Artificial Intelligence to Drone Deliveries, SPEED may be the only KPI that matters. My talented friend, globally recognized modern technology thought-leader Dr. Aleksander Poniewierski has captured the essence, importance and impact of SPEED in his new book” – said on LinkedIn Keith Strier, Vice President, Worldwide AI Initiatives at NVIDIA.


The beginning of sales was impressive. In the first week „SPEED” jumps into the top positions of bestsellers in categories. It is available in both formats: e-Book and Paperback in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia.


– The SPEED we have discussed in this book is primarily about technology and its impact on our work and lives but in reality, it touches absolutely everything that surrounds us. Are you ready for a speed you are not yet aware of? Insert the key. Ready? Press “Start” –– concludes Aleksander Poniewierski.


Order the book below:

SPEED no limits in the digital era

by Aleksander Poniewierski




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