“Adjust your seat. Check your mirrors. Fasten your safety belt. What for? Because it’s going to be a fast ride. Very fast. We’ll drive at a speed you’ve never experienced. Never even imagined”. This is what the first words of the book “SPEED no limits in the digital era” sound like. Books, which author, Aleksander Poniewierski, invites to a journey to the world of technology and shows how to use their business potential.


– I am going to take you on a journey into the world of technology and business. To a world where everything happens very quickly. So fast that you won’t even notice inventions appearing, and the next day, it will be as if you have always used them. So fast that before you think about what you need, you’ll find it at hand. So fast that what yesterday seemed impossible, tomorrow will become very real – says Aleksander Poniewierski.


The key to understanding the modern world, modern business and industry is SPEED. It is not a spell, but a fact. Acceleration has taken place in all the business areas: data generation, communication, storage, retrieval, processing and presentation. Data changes the possibilities of all processes, thanks to which, new solutions are created and quickly delivered to users. This is the case in every business segment: production, distribution, trade and services. 


The word SPEED contains everything that a person asking fundamental questions wants to know: where I am, where my business is today, what will change tomorrow and how it will affect my business? The word SPEED conceals everything you need to know in order to enter and succeed in the technological race. That it is an acronym. It’s high time to explain it. 


The book is titled SPEED because the author wanted you to know that apart from a synonym for quickness, it is an acronym for the most important elements of doing business in the future in the fourth industrial revolution. 


 is for Security, 

 is for Partnership,

 is for Emerging technologies,

 is for Economy, 

 is for Digital transformation. 


The development is galloping at a crazy pace. Today, we can only run forward. Everyone has a chance but must adapt or die. The book has been written to make your adventure in the world of technology and business fruitful and rewarding. For this to happen, you need to realize how fast changes are taking place around you. If you master the basics of doing business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, not only will you create a growing business, but you will have the opportunity to become an innovator who perfectly recognizes the needs of consumers of the digital generation.


– I’ll help you join the fastest race in the world. It’s already started but you can still take part in it. I’ll say more: if you want to achieve any of your life goals, you have to take part in it. If you dream of success in business, sport or science, you have to join the technology race. Only by following this path will you get the tools that will help you reach your goal. And, you’ll get there at a dizzying speed – adds the author.


This remarkable acceleration has penetrated into our daily lives and work. It has two basic objectives: to optimize production costs (increase productivity) and generate more revenue. Actually, it’s as old as the hills: saving and earning, it’s just that new technologies have thrown up completely new opportunities. 


The development that started 250 years ago has awakened our appetite for improving the world around us and, with it, our lives. Each subsequent invention became an impulse to look for new ones. We entered the path of change and acceleration.


Increasing productivity is nothing more than making optimal decisions on the basis of collected, managed and properly presented data. Access to them with sensors located in the production hall gives you real-time information about the condition of your machinery. Appropriate analysis of the collected information enables the prediction of what will happen to it and when. This minimizes unplanned downtime for repairs and maintenance work.


– Everything speeds up. The sending of messages by mankind to the other end of the world, years ago, required many generations. Hundreds of years had to pass before distant cultures were able to communicate with each other. Today, you can send a message to another continent in real time. Immediately – says Aleksander Poniewierski.


The book “SPEED no limits in the digital era” is a story about business, technology and organization. It connects the world of the past with an attempt to predict the future.


– Are you ready for a speed you are not yet aware of? Insert the key. Ready? Press “Start” – the author recommends.


Order the book below:

SPEED no limits in the digital era

by Aleksander Poniewierski




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