Digital transformation

When Digital Transformation is done right, it’s like caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have really is fast caterpillar.

– George Westerman

 Digital transformation, or rather thinking about it and preparing for its implementation, is a kind of car service, in which we need to make a quick overhaul and replace what is slowing us down. This is much more than cosmetic. Sometimes it is a major upgrade, without which, it will be difficult to operate effectively in the digital world. It’s retuning the engine, not just adding stickers to the bodywork.


Changes are inevitable. Evolution affects us all. It takes place in the entirety of the surrounding reality. And transformations are taking place faster and faster. You may not agree with this, but it doesn’t change anything.

If you are still in doubt, pay attention to how much new technologies and new business processes attract business people. This is no passing fad, it is a permanent trend that is becoming the norm. And it will certainly become so because as we know from previous chapters, technologies are rapidly developing and have more and more useful applications in the economy. 


The world of SPEED includes both large multinational corporations and small local companies, those with many years of experience and creators of start-ups. New technologies are engaging because they are a tool for earning money. Everyone who wants to get rich must bet on them. It is impossible to win in business today avoiding innovation. If customers need solutions today, entrepreneurs must find them yesterday. 

Millennials and Gen Z point of view by Monique Rinere


I believe generalizing about generations can be a very dicey business because there are people in every generation that prove and disprove the stereotype. I do think, however, that there are very general ways in which Millennials and Gen Z operate in the world that is different from the way baby boomers negotiated the world. The primary difference is that Millennials and Gen Z are digital natives who are growing up in a world of insecure economic, social, and climate realities, and for whom things like school shootings are a regular occurrence. This is far different from the baby boomers who were not confronted by a daily barrage of pessimistic economic, social, and climate realities and who were always confident that their financial gains would exceed those of their parents.


SPEED no limits in the digital era

by Aleksander Poniewierski

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SPEED is the key to success in the technological race

“Adjust your seat. Check your mirrors. Fasten your safety belt. What for? Because it’s going to be a fast ride. Very fast. We’ll drive at a speed you’ve never experienced. Never even imagined”. This is what the first words of the book “SPEED no limits in the digital...

Welcome to the World of SPEED!

The new reality has come. Fasten your seatbelt. Adjust your seat and mirrors. We’ll go at a speed you never thought possible. Because it accelerates everything. And it will be even faster. Speed changes business, changes our lives and changes the world. Are you ready...

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You’ll meet special people in the book! All of them are global leaders in business and technology. The author invited them to present their independent and professional point of view. It’s worth you get to know them. Meet Dr. Monique Rinere, Kevin Ichhpurani, Maciej...

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